Generation of a versatile BiFC ORFeome library for analyzing protein-protein interactions in live Drosophila


  • Bischof Johannes
  • Duffraisse Marilyne
  • Furger Edy
  • Ajuria Leiore
  • Giraud Guillaume
  • Vanderperre Solene
  • Paul Rachel
  • Björklund Mikael
  • Ahr Damien
  • Ahmed Alexis
  • Spinelli Lionel
  • Brun Christine
  • Basler Konrad
  • Merabet Samir

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Transcription factors achieve specificity by establishing intricate interaction networks that will change depending on the cell context. Capturing these interactions in live condition is however a challenging issue that requires sensitive and non-invasive methods. We present a set of fly lines, called 'multicolor BiFC library', which covers most of the Drosophila transcription factors for performing Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation (BiFC). The multicolor BiFC library can be used to probe two different binary interactions simultaneously and is compatible for large-scale interaction screens. The library can also be coupled with established Drosophila genetic resources to analyze interactions in the developmentally relevant expression domain of each protein partner. We provide proof of principle experiments of these various applications, using Hox proteins in the live Drosophila embryo as a case study. Overall this novel collection of ready-to-use fly lines constitutes an unprecedented genetic toolbox for the identification and analysis of protein-protein interactions in vivo.

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