Bioinformatic Core Facility Calanques (BCF-C)

Welcome to the Bioinformatics Core Facility Calanques (BCF-C). Our facility is shared between two Institutes at the Luminy Campus: the TAGC (UMR1090) and the IBDM (UMR7288).



The BCF-C is a flexible, user-centric Bioinformatics Core Facility, which has 4 core missions:

1) Bioinformatics Methods and Tool Development (external service)

Our associated researchers from the TAGC and the IBDM develop publicly available Bioinformatics Resources designed with the goal to assist wet-lab researchers in data analysis and integration. The application areas of our resources range from working with protein and DNA-sequences to large-scale data analysis and integration, including the integration and analysis of epigenetic and genomic data, as well as methods for network analysis.

All of our resources are publicly available and a comprehensive list of available tools can be found here.

2) User Training in Data Analysis and Code Development (external/internal service)

We organize hand-on workshops for training our users in Bioinformatics data analysis. Next to introductory courses on the theoretical background, we perform hands-on sessions in different data analysis techniques, as well as in code development.

Workshops in Bioinformatics and Data Analysis for Biologists are announced here.

Coding workshops for students and postdocs are announced here.

3) Code Development and Technology Transfer (internal service)

With our experts in coding, we help our researchers in code development, code maintenance and assist them in distributing their code professionally. This ensures the usability, ease-of-installation and longevity of software tools developed by our associated researchers. Furthermore, the source code of the tools developed by our researchers are distributed via shared repositories (gitlab or github).

Note: Though we cannot offer this service to external customers, it helps us to ensure that the tools developed at the TAGC and BCF-C are professionally distributed to the international research community.

Check out the gitlab repository of the BCF-C.

4) Bioinformatics Data Mining and User Support (internal service)

With our experts in Bioinformatics, we provide customized user support to wet-lab researchers in data analysis. Our areas of expertise reach from molecular-level to genome-level Bioinformatics.


How to contact us

For any requests, ideas or inquires to the BCF-C, please contact us by using the following e-mail address: . This e-mail address reaches all members of the BCF-C.

We work in a highly collaborative way and have intensive contact to our users throughout a project. Thus, any project will start with a personal meeting, in which you explain to us your research project and your needs of our support.


Scientific and technical leader:

Bianca Habermann

Computational Biology Group (IBDM) and BCF-Calanques (TAGC)
CNRS & Aix-Marseille Université
Case 907 – Parc Scientifique de Luminy
163 Avenue de Luminy
13009 Marseille

phone: +33 (0)4 91 26 92 36

Scientific advisors:

Jacques van Helden, Professor (Aix-Marseille Université)

Christine Brun, Research Director (CNRS)

For associated researchers leading a Bioinformatics research team and contributing to Bioinformatics resource development at the TAGC, please look here.



Methods and Tool Development

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Data Mining and User Support


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Group Members

Aurelie Bergon (data analysis specialist)
Christine Brun (scientific leader/advisor)
Bianca Haberman (scientific and technical leader)
Jacques van Helden (scientific leader/advisor)
Edlira Nano (code development and programming specialist, funded by IFB)
Fabrice Lopez (code development and programming specialist)