Mapping multivalued onto Boolean dynamics


  • Didier Gilles
  • Remy Elisabeth
  • Chaouiya Claudine


  • Gene Regulatory Networks
  • Boolean modelling
  • Multivalued modelling
  • Cell dynamics

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This paper deals with the generalized logical framework defined by René Thomas in the 70's to qualitatively represent the dynamics of regulatory networks. In this formalism, a regulatory network is represented as a graph, where nodes denote regulatory components (basically genes) and edges denote regulations between these components. Discrete variables are associated to regulatory components accounting for their levels of expression. In most cases, Boolean variables are enough, but some situations may require further values. Despite this fact, the majority of tools dedicated to the analysis of logical models are restricted to the Boolean case. A formal Boolean mapping of multivalued logical models is a natural way of extending the applicability of these tools. Three decades ago, a multivalued to Boolean variable mapping was proposed by P. Van Ham. Since then, all works related to multivalued logical models and using a Boolean representation rely on this particular mapping. We formally show in this paper that this mapping is actually the sole, up to cosmetic changes, that could preserve the regulatory structures of the underlying graphs as well as their dynamical behaviours.

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