28 Sep 2018

Internal Seminar - Nathalie Lalevée

5 Oct 2018

External Seminar - Sylvain Marcellini, Laboratory of Development and Evolution, University of Concepcion, Chile

Transposable element-driven origin of new transcriptional enhancer

While RNA transposons can act as important developmental enhancers in mammals, it is unclear if this phenomenon can be generalized to other vertebrates. By examining the transcriptome and epigenome of osteoblastic cells from the amphibian Xenopus tropicalis, we identify thousands of active and poised enhancers, half of which are occupied by DNA transposon-derived MITEs. We show that bursts of MITEs have repeatedly bombarded the Xenopus genomes with nucleosome-free CpG islands, directly contributing to the emergence of de novo enhancers.

12 Oct 2018

Internal Seminar - Salvatore Spicuglia

19 Oct 2018

Internal Seminar - Julien Colle

26 Oct 2018

Internal Seminar - Florian Rosier

9 Nov 2018

Internal Seminar - Aïtor Gonzalez

16 Nov 2018

Internal Seminar - Saadat Hussain

20 Nov 2018

EXTERNAL SEMINAR - Daniel Rico : Network approaches to understand chromatin interactions and gene regulation

Seminar of Daniel Rico from the Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University (UK).

Title: Network approaches to understand chromatin interactions and gene regulation

Place: Campus of Luminy. Seminar room TPR2, Bloc 5. November 20th @ 11h00


Our research focuses in understanding how to read the genome so we can identify the instructions for building different cell types. We develop and apply new computational methods to integrate genomic, epigenomic and transcriptomic data to decode these instructions. We collaborate with colleagues at Newcastle University and the Great North Children Hospital to understand which mutations can cause “typos” in these instructions, leading to diseases. We are particularly interested in the immune system, where we are investigating how chromatin contributes to sex-specific immune responses. In addition, we have exciting collaborations where we are trying to understand the functional role of chromatin dynamics during mitosis and the interplay of chromatin and genomic translocations in leukemias.


Selected publications

* Rigau M, Juan D, Valencia A, Rico D. Widespread population variability of intron size in evolutionary old genes: implications for gene expression variability. BioRxiv 2017, Epub ahead of print.

* Pancaldi V, Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau E, Javierre BM, Juan D, Fraser P, Valencia A, Rico D. Integrating epigenomic data and 3D genomic structure with a new measure of chromatin assortativity. Genome Biology 2016, 17, 152.

* Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau E, Juan D, Pancaldi V, Were F, Martin-Subero I, Rico D, Valencia A, The BLUEPRINT Consortium. Automatic identification of informative regions with epigenomic changes associated to hematopoiesis. Nucleic Acids Research 2017, 45(16), 9244-9259.

23 Nov 2018

Internal Seminar - Andreas Zanzoni

30 Nov 2018

Internal Seminar - Jeanne Cheneby

7 Dec 2018

Internal Seminar - Guillaume Charbonnier

14 Dec 2018

Internal Seminar - Christophe Chevillard

21 Dec 2018

Internal Seminar - Jacques van Helden

11 Jan 2019

Internal Seminar - Bianca Habermann

18 Jan 2019

Internal Seminar - David de Santiago Algarra

25 Jan 2019

Internal Seminar - Pascal Rihet

1 Feb 2019

Internal Seminar - Lucie Khamvongsa

8 Feb 2019

Internal Seminar - Tom Tran

15 Feb 2019

Internal Seminar - Laurent Perrin

22 Feb 2019

Internal Seminar - Regis Costello

1 Mar 2019

Internal Seminar - Samia Nisar

8 Mar 2019

Internal Seminar - Alexandre Espana

15 Mar 2019

Internal Seminar - Laurence Roder

22 Mar 2019

Internal Seminar - Quentin Ferre

29 Mar 2019

Internal Seminar - José David Abad Flores

5 Apr 2019

Internal Seminar - Benoit Ballester

12 Apr 2019

Internal Seminar - Denis Puthier

19 Apr 2019

Internal Seminar - Nathalie Arquier

26 Apr 2019

Internal Seminar - Sandrine Marquet

3 May 2019

Internal Seminar - Christine Brun

10 May 2019

Internal Seminar - M2 Student presentation

17 May 2019

Internal Seminar - M2 Student presentation

24 May 2019

Internal Seminar - Himanshu Singh

7 Jun 2019

Internal Seminar - Sébastien Choteau

14 Jun 2019

Internal Seminar - Lydie Pradel

28 Jun 2019

PhD's students day