A laboratory in the heart of science and nature

Our laboratory is a joint research unit of INSERM and the University of Aix-Marseille. It is located in the Luminy campus, not far from the calanques of Marseille.

We seek to decipher the complex biological mechanisms involved in the development or physiological functioning of an organism, but also those leading to pathologies such as malignant hemopathies, sepsis, malaria, or heart disease. To develop such a project, our laboratory brings together researchers and engineers with a wide range of skills (cellular and molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics, genetics). We are convinced that the combination of experimental, epidemiological and bioinformatics approaches will allow the emergence of new knowledge and concepts.

Two axis of research

Our research project is organized around two axes, one entitled "bioinformatics and genomics of molecular networks", the second "genetics and genomics of multifactorial diseases". The research activity relies on our genomics (TGML) and bioinformatics (BCF) facilities.

The first axis is dedicated to deciphering the functional organization of the genome, characterizing the functional role of non-coding RNAs, analyzing networks of molecular interactions (DNA, RNA, proteins) through genomics and bioinformatics, and developing new strategies to integrate heterogeneous biological information into predictive theoretical models. The project includes the effect of genomic variations on gene expression and molecular networks. The concepts and methods are developed in synergy by the 2 axes and open to the scientific community.

The aim of the researchers involved in the second axis is to characterize genetic, transcriptomic, epigenomic or proteomic profiles associated with malignant hemopathies, sepsis, malaria or cardiomyopathies, to identify regulatory elements and networks disturbed by these pathologies, and to identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets for these pathologies.

A laboratory volountary turned towards interdisciplinary interactions and education

Our laboratory is looking outward. We conduct not only basic research projects, but also collaborative projects with hospitals and biotech companies. This policy is fully in line with INSERM's strategic plan. Our ambition is both to contribute to a better understanding of complex biological systems and ultimately to participate in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic treatment strategies, including those aimed at the personalization of disease treatment.

In addition, we are strongly involved in the university training from bachelor to doctorate. At the master's and doctoral level, we are mainly involved in the teaching of genomics and bioinformatics, and are responsible for several units and training courses.

Our laboratory develops numerous interactions with the laboratories of the University of Aix-Marseille. We participate in research in the disciplines considered as priorities by the university's scientific committee (genetics, immunology, cancer) and those carried out by the university hospital departments of immunology, reproduction and neurosciences. Finally, together with more than 15 other local laboratories, we participate in the CenTuri Convergences Institute ( that aimed at deciphering the complexity of life with interdisciplinary approaches (biology, mathematics, physics, computer science).