E2F transcription factors associated with up-regulated genes in glioblastoma


  • Donaires F. S.
  • Godoy P. R.
  • Leandro G. S.
  • Puthier Denis
  • Sakamoto-Hojo E. T.

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Glioblastoma is considered to the most common and malignant brain tumor in adults. Patients have a median survival of approximately one year from diagnosis due to poor response to therapy.\ We applied bioinformatics approaches to predict transcription factors (TF) that are deregulated in glioblastoma in an attempt to point out molecular targets for therapy.\ Up-regulated genes in glioblastoma selected from public microarray data were submitted to two TF association analyses. Thereafter, the expression levels of TF obtained in the overlap of analyses were assessed by RT-qPCR carried out in seven glioblastoma cell lines (T98, U251, U138, U87, U343, M059J, and M059K).\ E2F1 and E2F4 were highlighted in both TF analyses. However, only E2F1 was confirmed as significantly up-regulated in all glioblastoma cell lines in vitro.\ E2F1 is a potential common regulator of differentially expressed genes in glioblastoma, despite the genetic heterogeneity of tumor cells.

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