Sequanix: a dynamic graphical interface for Snakemake workflows


  • Desvillechabrol Dimitri
  • Legendre Rachel
  • Rioualen Claire
  • Bouchier Christiane
  • van Helden Jacques
  • Kennedy Sean
  • Cokelaer Thomas

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We designed a PyQt graphical user interface-Sequanix-aimed at democratizing the use of Snakemake pipelines in the NGS space and beyond. By default, Sequanix includes Sequana NGS pipelines (Snakemake format) (, and is also capable of loading any external Snakemake pipeline. New users can easily, visually, edit configuration files of expert-validated pipelines and can interactively execute these production-ready workflows. Sequanix will be useful to both Snakemake developers in exposing their pipelines and to a wide audience of users.

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