ReMap 2020: a database of regulatory regions from an integrative analysis of Human and Arabidopsis DNA-binding sequencing experiments


  • Chèneby Jeanne
  • Ménétrier Zacharie
  • Mestdagh Martin
  • Rosnet Thomas
  • Douida Allyssa
  • Rhalloussi Wassim
  • Bergon Aurélie
  • Lopez Fabrice
  • Ballester Benoit

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ReMap ( aims to provide the largest catalogs of high-quality regulatory regions resulting from a large-scale integrative analysis of hundreds of transcription factors and regulators from DNA-binding experiments in Human and Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). In this 2020 update of ReMap we have collected, analyzed and retained after quality control 2764 new human ChIP-seq and 208 ChIP-exo datasets available from public sources. The updated human atlas totalize 5798 datasets covering a total of 1135 transcriptional regulators (TRs) with a catalog of 165 million (M) peaks. This ReMap update comes with two unique Arabidopsis regulatory catalogs. First, a catalog of 372 Arabidopsis TRs across 2.6M peaks as a result of the integration of 509 ChIP-seq and DAP-seq datasets. Second, a catalog of 33 hi-stone modifications and variants across 4.5M peaks from the integration of 286 ChIP-seq datasets. All catalogs are made available through track hubs at Ensembl and UCSC Genome Browsers. Additionally, this update comes with a new web framework providing an interactive user-interface, including improved search features. Finally, full programmatically access to the underlying data is available using a RESTful API together with a new R Shiny interface for a TRs binding enrichment analysis tool.

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