Transcriptomic analysis of the signature of neurogenesis in human hippocampus suggests restricted progenitor cell progression post-childhood


  • Kumar Ashutosh
  • Pareek Vikas
  • Faiq Muneeb A
  • Kumar Pavan
  • Kumari Chiman
  • Singh Himanshu N
  • Ghosh Sanjib K


  • Adult human neurogenesis
  • Developmental stages
  • Hippocampus
  • Signature genes
  • Transcriptome

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Immunohistological investigations have given rise to divergent perspectives about adult hippocampal neurogenesis in humans. Therefore, this study aimed to examine whether a comprehensive transcriptomic analysis of signature markers of neurogenesis, supplemented with markers of gliogenesis, vasculogenesis, cell proliferation, and apoptosis, may help discern essential aspects of adult hippocampal neurogenesis in humans. Materials and Methods: RNA expression data for salient marker genes of neurogenesis, gliogenesis, vasculogenesis, and apoptosis in post-mortem human hippocampal tissue [from prenatal (n = 15), child (n = 5), adolescent (n = 4), and adult (n = 6) brains] were downloaded from the Allen Human Brain Atlas database (http://www.brain Gene expression data was categorized, median values were computed, and age group-specific differential expression was subjected to statistical analysis (significance level, α = 0.01).

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