<i>mimic</i>INT: a workflow for microbe-host protein interaction inference


  • Choteau Sébastien A
  • Cristianini Marceau
  • Maldonado Kevin
  • Drets Lilian
  • Boujeant Mégane
  • Brun Christine
  • Spinelli Lionel
  • Zanzoni Andreas

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The increasing incidence of emerging infectious diseases is posing serious global threats. Therefore, there is a clear need for developing computational methods that can assist and speed-up experimental research to better characterize the molecular mechanisms of microbial infections. In this context, we developed mimicINT, a freely available computational workflow for large-scale protein-protein interaction inference between microbe and human by detecting putative molecular mimicry elements that can mediate the interaction with host proteins: short linear motifs (SLiMs) and hostlike globular domains. mimicINT exploits these putative elements to infer the interaction with human proteins by using known templates of domain-domain and SLiM-domain interaction templates. mimicINT provides (i) robust Monte-Carlo simulations to assess the statistical significance of SLiM detection which suffers from .

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