Setting up single nucleus sequencing


  • Gard Charlyne
  • Sprynski Romain
  • Nin Sébastien
  • Vachon Hortense
  • Bargier Lisa
  • Liakopoulou Ariadni
  • Chuffart Florent
  • Boussouar Fayçal
  • Barral Sophie
  • Kochbin Saadi
  • Rousseaux Sophie
  • Puthier Denis
  • Loriod Béatrice


  • Single-nucleus RNA sequencing
  • Sequencing

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Single-nucleus sequencing offers numerous advantages for analyzing tissues that are difficult to dissociate. It enables the analysis of frozen tissues and access to complex cell populations that are challenging to reach with standard dissociation protocols, thereby revealing cell populations not detected by single-cell sequencing. Additionally, this method reduces cellular stress responses caused by tissue dissociation, preserving the fidelity of the transcriptome.

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