Alternative Enhancer Usage and Targeted Polycomb Marking Hallmark Promoter Choice during T Cell Differentiation


  • Maqbool Muhammad Ahmad
  • Pioger Léo
  • El Aabidine Amal Zine
  • Karasu Nezih
  • Molitor Anne Marie
  • Dao Lan T M
  • Charbonnier Guillaume
  • van Laethem Francois
  • Fenouil Romain
  • Koch Frederic
  • Lacaud Georges
  • Gut Ivo
  • Gut Marta
  • Amigorena Sebastian
  • Joffre Olivier
  • Sexton Thomas
  • Spicuglia Salvatore
  • Andrau Jean-Christophe


  • T cell enhancerome
  • Enhancer and promoter usage
  • Long-distance enhancer-promoter interactions
  • Enhancer redundancy
  • CapSTARR-seq

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Graphical Abstract Highlights d Active T cell p-enhancers are highly dynamic during differentiation d Enhancer diversity might function to select specific isoform expression d Loss of H3K27me3 combined with enhancer gain hallmark T cell identity d Promoter choice is regulated by the PRC2 polycomb complex during differentiation Correspondence uk (M.A.M.), (J.-C.A.) In Brief Development and activation of T lymphocytes are coordinated by lineage-specific transcriptional programs. Here, Maqbool et al. performed a wide epigenomic and transcriptional analysis of mouse T cell differentiation. These data provide new insights into the role of multiple enhancers and PRC2 in controlling alternative promoter choice during differentiation.

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